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Growth Hormone And The Healing Process

I recently had back fusion surgery of the L5-S1 disc and looking to enhance my recuperation.  I'm a former college athlete and avid weight lifter..32 years old.  In my research of HGH your site seems to have the most information on recuperation and straight forward approach.  Due to my surgery I decided to try your oral spray in hopes that from my reading that HGH will help with the recuperation of my surgery.  Can you elaborate on the recuperation properties of your HGH product at all? 

Thank you

BC, Canada

Not really.  People get such a broad range of results from our product that it's almost impossible to predict how it will work for you in the healing process.  Sorry we couldn't be more helpful.  Good luck with your recuperation.

We appreciate your business!

Are you accepting orders of oral spray via COD? and how can I avail the money back guarantee?

Lansing, MI

No COD's for our HGH.  You can pay by credit card, paypal, or send us a money order.  Contact us again for paypal instructions if that's how you want to pay.

Just return all the bottles, used and unused, within 90 days and we'll issue you a refund in the same manner as your purchase.

We appreciate your business!

How do I verify that your growth hormone facility is FDA approved? How do I get this approval verification from the FDA itself?

Asheville, NC

We do not divulge the name of our oral spray lab to protect us against competition.  Anyone who's growth hormone lab is FDA inspected and monitored will have a "lot #" and "exp date" listed on every bottle.  Sorry we couldn't be more helpful.

We appreciate your business!

What about a list of products comparable to yours that do contain real HGH for the healing process?  Would you send me that?

New Orleans, LA

Sorry we can't provide that information.  All of the companies selling homeopathic HGH for recuperation with the same ingredients as ours are good companies.  We don't want to rob you of the joy of doing your own research! 

We appreciate your business!

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