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Our HGH Guarantee

"If you are not completely satisfied with this product within 90 days of your purchase we will refund your total purchase price, no questions asked. Simply return all used and unused bottles."

Send the bottle or bottles back to: 21st Century HGH, 5906 Parkwalk Circle West, Boynton Beach, FL 33472.

We appreciate your business and if you aren't happy neither are we. Returns are not a big deal for us. We only get about 1 or 2 per month, less than one half of one percent of our business. We don't hold your money for weeks and weeks. It usually takes us only 24-48 hours to issue a refund after receiving all bottles, new and used, back in the mail from you.

Some people don't react to homeopathic products of any kind, not just homeopathic HGH oral sprays, and the science of homeopathy doesn't know why. That's just the way it is. Everybody is different and 2% of the population falls into this category. So we don't require any kind of explanation from you. We enjoy having happy customers who use our product and happy customers who are unable to use our product. Our no-questions-asked guarantee and fast response to a refund makes this so.

You don't need a return authorization number. We like to keep it simple. Please, though, make sure at least your name and address are on the inside of the package as sometimes the returned bottles get separated from the packaging. If you can include your order number that will streamline and speed the process but it's not necessary.

You do have to pay for the shipping back to us, less than $5, but the complete amount of the purchase, including shipping to you, is refunded. The refund usually takes from 1-3 days to appear on your statement and if we have a valid email we will notify you of the refund.

Why do we require that you send the bottles back? Well, unfortunately, there is a pretty common internet scam in which people buy products, resell them new, and then demand a refund. Pretty amazing, huh? We were victims of this scam when we first started out: you live and learn! So this policy keeps the scammers away.

1. We ship your order within 24 hours of receiving it.

2. We are not a Multi-Level Marketing company and never intend to be at any point in the future.

3. Each purchase you make is a stand alone purchase. Unauthorized recurring charges will never happen.

4. Your email address, your shipping address, and your phone number will never be used for any solicitation by us or by anybody else as we do not sell this information. We only email you if there is a problem with your order.

5. We do not set "cookies" on your computer.

We take pride in our customer service. We respect your time and your privacy. When we answer the phone or receive an email we always expect a pleasant experience for both us and you. Our guarantees make this a reality.

Good Luck!

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