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Which HGH Products Can Be Detected by Drug Testing and Why?

Whether you are a professional athlete or just someone taking a drug test for employment (police, firemen, etc.), getting caught using various Human Growth Hormone products can be The End of your career! So it's important to know how the different products work in your body to know if they can be detected by a drug test.

The first thing to know is that the invigoration properties of increased HGH do not come from HGH. The invigoration properties come from IGF-1, Insulin-like growth factor 1, a protein that is produced in the liver in response to increased Human Growth Hormone which is naturally produced by the Pituitary gland. The highest amounts produced by the Pituitary occur between the ages of 16-26 and from there the gland gradually reduces the production.

Tests that detect HGH are measuring the amount of HGH in your system. So if you inject it you will definitely get caught. You better have a doctor's prescription and a good reason for using it or else you'll be dead in the water.

Pills, and some sprays that contain no HGH, are made with amino acids that stimulate your Pituitary to produce more HGH. These are refered to as "precursors" or "secretagogues." How much increased HGH is produced is uncertain, depending on each individual's response. So if you use any kind of precursor or secretagogue you MIGHT get caught depending on various unknown and uncontrollable factors. The odds are unknown. Since it's impossible to put real HGH into a pill form, all pill and capsules sold as "HGH" are precursors that work by stimulating the pituitary.

Homeopathic HGH oral sprays, the ones that actually contain real Human Growth Hormone, act a different way. They do not put an unnatural amount of HGH into your system and they stimulate your Pituitary gland only very slightly. There is just the right amount of real pharmaceutical HGH in the oral spray to tell your liver that an increase has occured. This springs your liver into the production of IGF-1 and, thus, the invigoration properties are realized. Tests don't measure IGF-1. They measure HGH. So Homeopathic oral sprays are the only way to realize increased invigoration properties that is currently undetectable.

How Much Will HGH Help My Performance?

No one can answer this because there is really no way of scientifically testing it with control groups, etc. So you can only go by anecdotal reports. For the top professional athlete, a performance increase of 1% might mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Most athletes say that the homeopathic oral spray helps them 10%-20%. A majority of the help comes in the increased productivity of workouts prior to athletic contests. So because of that, during competitions they are stronger, last longer, and recuperate faster.

Most athletes trying to come back from injuries of all kinds swear by HGH products that contain Deer Antler Velvet, the fastest growing organic substance on the planet.

Two Warnings

HGH has been unfairly linked with steroids because it enhances the effects of steroids. HGH by itself is not toxic, it's naturally produced in the body. Using steroids, with or without HGH, is very dangerous and should always be avoided.

Some vendors, seeking to align themselves with undetectable homeopathic sprays, put their amino acid formulas into an oral spray delivery system. Read labels. The undetectable sprays are always homeopathic and CONTAIN NO amino acids and DO CONTAIN real human growth hormone.

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