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Our Response To The Quackwatch Article

On this website we try to give the consumer all the information they might need to make an informed decision about the use of Human Growth Hormone. Quackwatch is a website run by doctors who write articles that discourage people from using any protocol that doesn't conform to their allopathic universe.

Stephen Barrett, M.D., wrote an article pooh-poohing HGH and we provide the url address to that essay so that you can read it on your own at http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/hgh.html. In the hopes of reducing the amount of emails and phone calls we are getting regarding this essay here is our response.

Dr. Barrett quotes Robert N. Butler, M.D., as saying, "We simply do not have the equivalent of a blood pressure cuff for testing aging."

On the one hand Barrett says that human growth hormone doesn't work as an anti-aging remedy yet on the other hand he says that there is no test to know if it works. If there is no test how can they know it doesn't work? We only ask the consumer to try it for themselves. Don't take our word for it. Don't take their word for it. Try it. If it works, GREAT! If it doesn't, just get your money back.

Their "bottom line": "HGH shots appear to be a very poor investment. So called "growth-hormone releasers," oral "growth hormone," and "homeopathic HGH" products are fakes."

1. We agree with their assessment of shots.

2. Growth hormone releasers and (non homeopathic) oral sprays contain no HGH.

3. Homeopathic HGH oral spray users show a significant increase in IGF-1 levels among those tested so we don't know what the basis is for their statement that homeopathic sprays are "fakes."

Our bottom line: Invest $60 and see for yourself. If it does nothing get a complete refund. If it does something it's the best investment you've ever made in your entire life! Exactly what have you got to lose?

Click this link to see how Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch is exposed in Court Cases

Click here for "The Long Answer"

Dear 21st Century Designer Health Products,

I am a 65 year old woman and I have been diagnosed with hormone deficiency. I have been researching many websites and informational articles. I have read almost all of the information on your website and am considering ordering your product.

I do have a couple of questions. I have to take Synthroid for my thyroid every morning on an empty stomach and at least half an hour before breakfast. When would I be able to use the spray in the morning? I also take Elavil a half hour before bedtime to alleviate migraine headaches. Will your spray interfere with these medications that I am on?

When I have to take blood tests for renewal of my other medicines, (example – for my thyroid) will your product have any effect on the blood tests? Does the spray have any effects on heart palpitations?

I appreciated all of the information on your website. I was also glad to see that you are regulated by the FDA. Thank you in advance for your response.

Greenbrae, CA

Everybody responds to the product differently so we can't anticipate how it will specifically affect you. Since it is homeopathic there is no evidence that it would negatively impact any of the other medications that you are taking. We are not physicians so you should check with your doctor.

The best time to take our product is right before you go to bed because the body produces HGH while you sleep. The next best time is right when you wake up because it's also good to take it on an empty stomach. Most people keep the bottle on their nightstand.

The third spray of the day can be taken at any time. Eventually, after three months or so, you will only need two doses per day, allowing you to get more time out of each bottle.

We appreciate your business!

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